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Christmas makes the BEST memories.........

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Christmas makes the BEST memories.........

April Cannon

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good". Love the Harry Potter hat here!

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good". Love the Harry Potter hat here!

There are literallly millions of songs about Christmas and for good reason, it really is the happiest time of the year. You ask anyone what some of thier favorite memories are--guaranteed at least one of those memories happened at Christmas!

Recently I have asked my friends and clients some of their favorite Christmas memories. I have loved the answers and I just adore hearing about other people's happy memories....the far away look with a smile on thier face while they are recalling their memory. I will share some of them here to help everyone remember some of thier favorite memories or traditions! And please feel free to comment with some of yours - I LOVE hearing about them!

1. That last holiday with someone we love always sticks out in our memory as a shining light.

2. Hot chocolate, new Christmas PJ's , a traditional movie ( a christmas story, its a wonderful life, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, just to name a few) and popcorn with lots of blankets and snuggles.

3. A personal one for me: Going to the candlelight Christmas Eve mass, then waiting up til midnight and opening presents on the first minute of Christmas -( we did this one year for a particularly warm christmas that we wanted to pretend it was cold with snow). We had Christmas music playing in the background.

4. That special present that was so thoughtful from a person you love. Especially because you knew how much effort went into getting you that present whether it was time or money. It really is the thought that counts!

5. The first Christmas a family of two become a family of three and each new addition after that.

6. Another one for me: the Christmas we handmade our ornaments for each family member (pinecones decorated with sparkly spray paint and other decorations) to take to my grandfather's house in Kansas. We woke up Christmas morning to find my grandfather had pinned cash to every persons ornament.

7. The Christmas of a special play at a Child's school or church play. Or any memory where your child has the chance to shine!

8. The Christmas tradition of snacking all day and pigging out on the Christmas meal later- then dessert after to "fill in " the empty spaces!

9. The Big family Christmas!

10. Any Christmas filled with laughter!

I recieved my first camera at Christmas.  Every Christmas after I always took pictures, as most of us do on Christmas. I became the families historian and made albums every year.  My family still enjoys looking at these albums many years later. Please, please, please, make sure you make your memories tangible. A couple of easy sites to use -, you can directly download your instagram photos - it includes times and captions and is put together very well. Another favorite site of mine I use for photo books, cards, gifts that has beautiful quality:

Just please, please find a way to make those memories live on!

On a more serious note: although it is a myth that suicide rates are higher during the holidays the feelings of loneliness and depression are not. If you know or suspect someone who may be alone during the holiday season, please find a way to reach out to them on Christmas. Because everyone wants to be remembered on Christmas!


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