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What do I do all day???

RMP Blog

What do I do all day???

April Cannon

Sit around watching TV and eating chips......wait no that is what I used to think stay at home Mom's did before I became one (well I thought they did more truthfully but I thought they had a lot more time!). I remember thinking, " oh, the things I will accomplish!" Imagine my surprise after I had my daughter and I was just happy to have both her and I bathed and thought it was an accomplishment to have at least 2 loads of laundry done. My days somehow slipped by and yet I did not seem to accomplish all that "stuff" I thought I would! 

I remember one time ( I am ashamed to admit now), that I said to a friend - "I don't understand why she can't get -------done, she has nothing else to do all day"! I cringe now when I think on that! I was operating under the assumption that kids entertain themselves all day - I provide toys and tell them to play with them - and I am free to do what I want - wrong, oh so, so wrong. Kids want to be where you are and doing what you are doing, Why? Well that is how they learn!!!

I was also operating under the assumption that stay at home mom's have lots of help so they can get done what they need to AND do what they want to. Now some stay at home mom's may have help and I will tell you I am Green with Envy - BUT even those Mom's do not get to do what they want to do. 

I remember when I went into work one day (I work PRN still as a therapist - love it!) and some one said - "Oh! You must be so tired, you are actually at work today!" I promptly replied - "ummm, No actually this is like vacation - I get to go to the bathroom when I want and actually sit and eat!" Then I laughed, because I knew I used to think that way as well. 

I guess we never truly know what some one else goes through until we walk in their shoes. I have so much respect for all Stay at home Mom's, Working Mom's, Shared Custody Mom's , ALL Mom's, we are just trying to get it done the best we can for our family. Guess what? All family's are different, what works for them, may or may not work for yours. Please, please just be supportive and give a good ear to listen. That's what us Mom's need the most!!