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Things that make you go GRRRRRR..........

RMP Blog

Things that make you go GRRRRRR..........

April Cannon

None of these things are life altering or changing in anyway. Just a light hearted post to make you laugh and say "YES!! That happens to me!" Enjoy!

1. Removable padding: Ok ladies I am going to be frank, I do not use padding to increase size but rather for privacy. And I absolutely HATE after I wash something with removable padding, it takes me 5 minutes to get it back in place!!! Seriously? Please, please, just sew it in there or don't have it in there at all!!!

2. Lost Socks. You keep that one sock that you love, FOREVER hoping you will find its match. After a few months, you give up, and throw it away. Then you find the match......

3. Discovering you washed paper in your pants/jeans after you pull them out of the dryer and find all the "snowflakes".

4. Constantly changing passwords for EVERYTHING! Yes lord I know it is for our security but sheesh I can not get into anything with out a password that contains 1 capital letter, 1 lower case, 1 number, 1 symbol and oh yeah it needs to be at least 8 letters long. Make sure you remember it too for the 50+ sites you may need it for!

5. The credit card dash. What is this? Going through a drive through or check out line.....they hand you your receipt, credit card and food (or merchandise) and you are trying to hurry to put it away so you won't lose it, while balancing all the other things handed to you..... while trying not to hold up the line.

6. Finding a load of laundry in the wash....2 days later.  Enough said. Your nose knows what I am talking about.

7. Discovering that you only have 1 egg, 1 swallow of milk, a half teaspoon of butter....etc, and you need much more than that to make your recipe. I have asked my poor neighbors for help on a few occasions!

8. You are downstairs and you realize you left something upstairs......

9. Left turns that are "yield" on green...... in busy traffic....

10. Miss spelling the same word you are trying to correct on a phone text more than 3 times.

11. The case of the straggly toilet paper. You sit down to go to the bathroom...... you proceed... you look over and realize there are "bits" of toilet paper on the roll...

12. Pebble sandles. Wearing strapy sandals, walking over gravel, getting a pebble in the middle of your foot. Now you can't get it out without taking off those cute strapy sandals.

13. Dropsy pick something up from floor, put it on falls off....repeat falls off...... repeat again. You begin to think you are off kilter!

There are so many more, but I am going to leave my list at "13" to make you go grrrrrrrr! Hahahaha!


April of Running Mom Photography