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Turning Toddler Negatives into Positives!

RMP Blog

Turning Toddler Negatives into Positives!

April Cannon

 The term " the pitter patter of little feet" was invented by someone with a toddler in their home. Toddlers are always on the go and they want to get there fast!  In a  lifetime it has been shown that we have the most energy when we  are toddlers! I have 2 toddlers and although I am a 3 time ironman finisher these two wear me out! Literally while I am trying to get one thing done the two of them are in cahoots making a mess somewhere else or seeing how fast they can climb and run on the couch while I am otherwise occupied (making dinner is always a good time for this)!  

So I decided to take a positive spin on this wild time of toddler hood and write a blog on how to make "toddlerisms" positive! So here goes!

1.  Sand box play: Playing in the sandbox is great to keep them occupied, BUT it also means sand (and a lot of it) in their hair. The positive? While you are trying to scrub all that sand out their head, their scalp is getting some good exfoliation and at least they had a fun time playing!

2. They climb...... two toddlers means they climb more places and HELP each other get into more places! The Positive: they are developing very strong core and balance muscles that will help them later in life. 

3. Run, Run, Run!! Keeping up with them means you do not need an exercise program - they are it!

4. A toddler has so much energy, they do not know what to do with it. The positive is you get to teach them how to channel their energy and you get to celebrate the "little things" they learn!

5. Toddlers want to be with you everywhere and do everything you do. Positive: Toddlers want to be with you everywhere and do everything you do. It is never a bad thing if your child wants to spend time with you and learn from you.

Trying to make my bed with two cuties on it.....

Trying to make my bed with two cuties on it.....

6. Everything takes longer. With more toddlers this can be multiplied to be  exponentially longer. Positively:  you learn patience and how to take time to enjoy the everyday things in life that you may have previously disregarded. 

7. Staying home with toddlers when they are sick. They are cranky and they just do not know how to express their discomfort. Positively, they do get some down time (laugh - not you though). It can sometimes be the "ebb" in the flow of life - enjoy the time. 

8. Potty training. Personally I think this is way messier than diapers, but in the long run you will be happy to not carry a diaper bag (just some extra undies and bottoms).....but potty training is not for the faint of heart.....

9. They never seem to want to play with their toys. The positive is that they use their imagination to make toys out of everyday objects or they imitate you in their play! Also means you can honestly and without remorse get rid of some of those toys.....

10. They can open doors...... You get to be inventive and on your toes in keeping them contained!!!!

In closing having toddlers brings me so much joy and keeps me honest by making me work very hard. I am blessed by my two and thankful for their antics and the laughter I get to enjoy every day. I get true pleasure out of watching them learn and grow every day!

Blessings! Enjoy your Kiddos!

April of Running Mom Photography