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Man Speak....

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Man Speak....

April Cannon

From the moment I had my son I finally understood the terms "He is such a boy" or "boys will just be boys". He was so different from my daughter from day one. As a newborn when he was hungry - he used to what I call "baby bird" me. Which meant that he would lift his head and let it drop back on my chest repeatedly. He was messier without trying to be, he is like a bull in a china shop - he is a boy! Having a boy helped me understand my husband so much better. Boys just think different and percieve the world different than us girls. Which I find is a good thing, if everyone thought the same - we would never progress! So this blog is meant to be funny and light hearted. I am going to take some things that men say and tell you what it actually means to you! Now do not worry guys - I will do the same about women in a later post!

1. "I am going to the bathroom" - what this means is he will be in the bathroom for 20 + minutes (which is why he took the time to announce it) and he will have a magazine or phone in there with him. Magically he gets to stay in there without being disturbed by the kids.... I get jealous.

2. " I will do the dishes" - he will put as many dishes in the dishwasher that will fit and start it. The rest will be piled in the sink with soap and water (hopefully but not always). 

3. "You look nice"  or "you look good in that outfit, pants, etc" - Ladies he really means this, if your man took the time to notice how you look AND comment on it, he is very genuine - take it as the compliment it is.

4. " I will watch the kids"- he will leave them in their PJ's, give them snacks and turn on the TV. Just be glad he is watching the kids so you can do something. 

5. "I will clean the bathroom" - yeah, never have heard this one said, by any guy, they just dont see the mess in a bathroom. LOL

6. " I will fix it for you" - ladies if it is an electronic device - let them do it - they love it and usually do a great job figuring it out. If it is the car, plumbing, etc, and he has no talent in these areas, hurry and call a professional - then claim you did not hear him!

7. "I will cook dinner" - He will cook dinner - not clean- just be happy he is cooking for you!

8. "You need to go....." - if he has uttered these words no matter what they are followed by - he realizes you need to get away and is trying to help you do that. 

9. " I know how to get there" - get a map out - especially if your surroundings look unfamiliar. 

10. " I cleaned the house" - he vacuumed and did dishes.

There are so many more but alas I will stoop here. I am up before the kids writing this and I hear them stirring in their rooms! 


April of Running Mom Photography