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Great Family Gifts!

April Cannon

Whether this is a gift for a birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day the following list are great ideas that I have gathered from families around me that they have greatly appreciated.

Gift a Membership: the discovery place, the Childrens Rock Hill Museum, the Anne Springs Greenway, Carowinds, a local pool, If you buy the membership it gives the family a place to go together. 

No Money? Give the gift of time - your time to give Mom and Dad time: Offer to babysit and pin Mom and Dad down to a certain date - which means you will need to remind them so they know you mean it.

The gift of memories (of course I would include this one). Nothing is more priceless than looking at a photo or an album and remembering the time when:

1. Your child was a snaggle tooth.

2. You went on the family reunion vacation all together and there was 30 of you! (All the laughter and fun!!)

3. Your baby was still a baby and their first birthday.

4. That favorite dog growing up and how you were inseperable.

5. Your extended family annual family photo and the fun you have planning for it all year.

6. Your grandma and grandpas hands....

7. Your Mom with a towel over her shoulder...

8. Your child playing soccer, ballet,  or swimming for the first time.

9. The blessing of your family all in one photograph together.

These are just to name a few priceless memories.

When you are giving a gift remember time and memories are the best and most priceless gifts ever!


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