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Full Circle Moments.......

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Full Circle Moments.......

April Cannon

I was recently sick on a Sunday and did not want to bring my germs to church.  I then decided to  watch my favorite televised church program: Elevation Church. I had the privelage of meeting the founders of this church before it started (about 5 couples), this church has done amazing things and I always come away inspired by what I hear.  The topic of the day was Full Circle Moments and closing the loop. Since the new year is here I thought this would be a great topic to reflect on. We all have days where we feel like we are getting no where and are literally "running in circles". But if we stop and reflect on where we were 5 months ago, 1 year ago, 5 years ago, etc. we have a full circle moment. I realized that we all have to come full circle to see where we have been, where we are going and to connect everythig in our lives. 

Now I am not the inspirational speaker that Steve Furtick ( is by any means, but I thought it would be great for all of us to reflect on our blessings over the years and look to the future with hopefull  eyes. I will share some of my moments and encourage everyone to think on theirs - feel free to comment with yours!

1. Disney- hahaha - WHAT?? -  for me and my husband who love Disney there was a time in our past after 14 years of marriage where we accepted that kids were not in our future. We would feel a tug on our hearts every time we went to Disney where the theme is families. Fast forward to this year where we had a trip to Disney with our 2 kids in November. We frequently would meet each other's eyes accross a space on our trip and knew we were thinking " Wow- what a blessing - we are here with our own kids!" without either one of us speaking a word. 

2. Pools- whenever my husband and I see a pool we think of the summer we met working at a pool when we met and the 24 years since then. We always reflect on where we were and how much we have changed and "grown up". We were 16 and 17 when we met. Do any of us ever really "grow up?"

3. Workouts- I have worked out for 30+years of my life. Yes I am that old! I used to do ( and plan on getting back to someday), 6-7 hour bike rides, 1-2 hour swims and 2 to 4 hour runs. I was an endurance junky. However now that I have kids (and darn it no family around to babysit them!), I have to get more bang for my time. I look at it as another chapter - now I get to focus on speed, strength and core which have always been my weakness. Coming full circle - I want my kids to see me active and I want them to emulate this healthy behavior! No matter what the activity it is. Plus lets face it, I am an older Mom and need to stay in shape to keep up with these kiddos- whew!

4. Speaking - both of my kids are late talkers, looking back to where they were a year ago is such a drastic difference. My daughter never stops talking now!

5. Family and Friends - we all have times where we are emotionally closer and further away from our friends and family in our lives for many reasons. The core of being family or friends is knowing we love each other and will be there when needed. My goal is to never stop telling/showing my family and friends I love them in many ways. Reflecting on our past times always helps close the circle and makes it a hug. 

6. Belly - yup, I do not know many women that are happy with their belly. I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I love that it gave me two beautiful healthy children. I hate that no amount of exercise will ever make it look normal again! But in my full circle - I will take my flawed belly with the blessing of my kiddos!! After all my stretched and imperfect belly makes me a warrior (grrr - for effect)!

7. Photography - I have been on the most amazing journey doing something I never in my wildest dreams, ever, thought I would be able to pursue. I had no idea the confidence I would get starting my own business and the happiness I would have photographing beautiful memories that bring smiles to my client's faces!

8.  Home - 5 years ago I would never, never, never have guessed I would be a stay at home, work from home mom, but here I am - and I have never been happier (or busier). 

Please, please wherever you are in your circle, remember that all circles are created not to start us over but to show us where we have been and where we are going. Enjoy your full circle moments and help others to see and celebrate theirs!!


April of Running Mom Photography

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