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Front porch sitting and family visitin'!

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Front porch sitting and family visitin'!

April Cannon

The time of year most popular for visiting family is approaching! Summer is around the corner and the anticipation of traveling to see extended family that lives far in distance (but not from our hearts) has the little ones just wiggling in their seats (or bouncing off the walls). We all look forward to stepping into our family's house after a long trip and feel like we are coming back home. In our heads we can see long summer evenings visiting, laughing, sipping on our drinks and just feeling like we belong. 

Family is where our heart is and where we love to return as much as possible. Cousins love builing forts, running in the grass, hopping rocks in the creek or just eating ice cream together! 

I love photographing extended families, while it is chaotic it is also so much fun! The glow of grandparents finally having thier family together just can not be beat! 

I love seeing who looks like who, I love seeing grown siblings act like they are 10 again (laugh in a good way!) . I adore seeing the family together in one large group and laughing with the individual family units that make up the larger generations of families. 

I love the smiles I get from the littlest cousin to the giggles of the most grown cousin. The feel of the excitement of families getting together after distance and time has kept them seperate just cant be beat. The joy of mom and dad as I photograph them together.....

The most patient and happiest of all are always the grandparents, I can not get them to stop smiling (even if I tried). I love getting the last photograph at the end of a session of  the ones who started it all......

So my point? Get pictures of your extended family together. Distance can keep you apart but photos and memories can lessen that distance. So pick up your camera or have a photographer do it for you but make those family reunions memorable!


April of Running Mom Photography

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