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The Sweet and Sassy of Toddlerhood!

RMP Blog

The Sweet and Sassy of Toddlerhood!

April Cannon


As my son turned three and is looking less and less like a baby and more like a little boy, I realize there are some things I am going to miss about the toddler stage (and some not so much!). 

1. The ability to be monkeys - they can climb any and everything!

2. Really truly, I know it is cliche' but the pitter patter of little feet accompanied by that swish, squishy of the diaper. 

3. The smell of the top of their head as they sit in my lap.

4. Observing the complete abandon and interesting positions they fall asleep in.

5. The little charming grins when they know that you know they are getting away with something they shouldn't.

6. The complete innocence, fun and enjoyment of the new things they discover.

7. The inexplicable and rapid way they can get into anything (even baby proofed) faster that I can!

8. The sweet way they can get into my personal space that I dont mind. (i.e. waking up with a toddler eye 1 inch from mine, looking straight at me).

9. This one I most definitely will not miss: finding poop and oh my finding it everywhere! GAH! And for that matter toys in couches, floors, cars, every room everywhere!

10. The appreciation for true dramatics that I now have - dramatically falling on the floor, flailing, crying (fake) and/ or all 3 combined (the best right?).

11. Their uncanny ability to to know exactly where you are going and getting into that spot a millisecond before you do (I know some football teams that could take lessons!). 

My point, we all say it goes fast, and I try to enjoy every moment because some day I will miss it! Onto the next stage my daughter is now in - little people - you know - the ones that now have opinions and have developed thier own little personality!

Blessings always!

April of Running Mom Photography